Doing Our Part for the Planet

To help preserve the environment for present and future generations, SiriusXM is committed to protecting natural resources, establishing clean business practices that comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and evaluating actions to minimize or eliminate adverse environmental impacts from our business activities.

As responsible corporate citizens, we conduct our business with the following commitments in mind:

  • Minimize negative environmental impacts associated with our operations and activities, while striving for positive impact.
  • Consideration for the environmental impact of our services and seek to integrate sound environmental practices into our business operations.
  • Reduce emissions and increase the energy efficiency of our operations, including through the responsible use of renewable energy.
  • Reduce waste, conserve resources, and recycle materials as part of delivering our services.
  • Ongoing measurement and monitoring of our environmental performance, including our emissions, waste, and use of resources, and implementing environmental improvements in our operations.
  • Raise environmental awareness among our employees.

Setting Standards for a Better Future

SiriusXM has established a Supplier Code of Conduct that, among other human rights-related requirements, sets forth our expectations that our suppliers comply with or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations. In addition, we expect that our suppliers will increase efficiency and take measures to reduce their carbon footprint, energy use, water use, waste, and other emissions. We expect our suppliers to strive to conserve resources and protect the communities and environment that surround them, and we encourage them to develop and utilize environmentally friendly technologies and to increase the use of renewable energies.

We believe, and experts agree, that emissions-reducing technologies, such as carbon capture and sequestration, will need to play a role if the U.S. and other countries are to meet their joint emissions-reduction goals. We have in the past made, and expect in the future to make, certain tax-effective investments in clean energy technologies.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our responsibility to minimize adverse environmental impacts from our business activities includes measuring our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. While we are in the early stages of our sustainability journey, we are actively exploring opportunities to reduce our GHG emissions, including sourcing renewable energy through power purchase agreements and other means.

Scope 1+2 Emissions by Activity


Year Scope 1 - Motor vehicles fleet Scope 1 - Fuel used for heating, misc. at commercial buildings Scope 2 - Electricity used at commercial buildings Scope 2 - Electricity used at data centers Scope 2 - Electricity used by repeater network
2021 61 633 10,967 3,483 8,259
2022 69 523 9,389 3,253 8,254

SXM Total Emissions

Year Total Scope 2 Emissions Total Scope 1 Emissions Total
2021 22,709 694 23403
2022 21,166 591 21757

Note: GHG emissions data was compiled based on guidance and parameters established by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and includes certain estimates based on a combination of measured and estimated emissions data using the best available information at the time. As with any projections or estimates, actual results or numbers may vary based upon factors such as variations in processes and operations, availability and quality of data, and methodologies used for measurement and estimation. Changes to emission estimates may occur if updated data or emission methodologies become available.

SiriusXM’s Sustainability and Recycling Efforts

We seek to improve our products and services while being efficient and mindful of our impact on the environment. Accordingly, in recent years we have undertaken efforts to improve the environmental impact of our operations.


  • The AC power supplies used on our retail products are VI efficiency rated. These meet the latest European Union and Environmental Protection Agency efficiency rating for AC power supplies to minimize phantom power drain when the product is off and to efficiently power the products with the minimum conversion losses.
  • Packaging of our retail products does not use rigid plastic and, instead, uses more environmentally friendly egg crate and chipboard materials. Furthermore, we have purposefully reduced the packaging size of our retail products to minimize the environmental impact of shipping and storing our products.


  • We provide free takeback of customers' radios covered under warranty to ensure proper recycling (vs generating landfill waste).
  • We reuse or recycle all warranty returns and open-box returns from retailers.
    • We contract with Electronic Recyclers International (ERI) for the recycling of all of our electronic waste. As part of that program, our Facilities Department uses ERI to recycle all e-waste at our facilities in the U.S., our IT Department uses ERI for the recycling and destruction of all IT e-waste, and ERI recycles our e-waste at our refurbishment facility that processes all warranty returns and retailer open box returns.
  • We host on our website two links for recycling on our support page.
  • We comply with the Illinois EPA e-Waste law by annually registering to sell satellite radios in Illinois and participating in the Electronics Recycling Representative Organization (ERRO) Clearinghouse in accordance with the Illinois Consumer Electronics Recycling Act (CERA). ERRO collects thousands of pounds of electronic waste that would otherwise go to the landfill without our participation.

Regulation of Toxic Substances

  • We design and monitor our products to meet the following standards and regulations:
    • ROHS, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances, which impacts the entire electronics industry and many electrical products.
    • REACH, a regulation of the European Union, was adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.
    • California Bill AB2026: We eliminated all extruded polystyrene foam from our packaging.
    • California Prop 65: Both through Safe Harbor Warnings and routine monitoring of phthalates and heavy metals to ensure a consistent supply chain with no unapproved changes.
    • Toxic Substances Control Act: We have surveyed all components used in our consumer electronics products to confirm the absence of banned chemicals.
  • As part of our efforts, at least one SiriusXM employee is a member of the Consumer Technology Association’s Environmental Policy Committee, which provides updates on Federal, State, and Provincial regulations for both the U.S. and Canada.