Environmental, Social and Governance

Our Purpose

At SiriusXM, we create audio experiences that amplify and inspire listeners’ every moment. As a leader in the audio space, we play an important role in impacting the lives of our listeners, our employees, our business relationships, and our stockholders. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance pillars reflect the changes we believe we can help to make both within our own walls and across the audio entertainment industry.

As a media and technology company that reaches over 150 million listeners monthly, we are both proud and humble about our ability to impact the lives of so many across North America. Every day, we provide content that entertains, educates, and enriches the lives of our listeners. But we acknowledge that our position as a leader in audio entertainment also bestows great responsibility over the content that we provide, the environment in which our employees work, and the ways we engage with third parties. We take this responsibility seriously. Our strategic and daily decisions reflect our responsibility to promote positive change.

Our ESG Priorities

We conducted a materiality assessment with the assistance of outside advisors to identify ESG issues most relevant to our company and its stockholders and the pillars upon which we base our ESG strategy. Our Board’s Nominating, Environmental, Social, and Governance Committee (NESG) oversees our management of these priorities. A summary of those pillars is included below:

Efficiency & Environmental Responsibility

Efficiency & Environmental Responsibility

We seek to improve our products and services for our customers while being efficient and conscious of the environment.

Talent & Engagement

Talent & Engagement

Our diverse talent drives what we do, and we strive to provide an engaging environment where each person can thrive.

Platform for Diverse Perspectives

Platform for Diverse Perspectives

We aim to be a platform for diverse perspectives and facilitate dialogue on all issues, big and small.

“At SiriusXM, we believe that the impact of our work extends far beyond our airwaves. We strive each day to do good on behalf of our listeners, our employees, and the third parties we do business with, and to make a tangible impact on our industry and our communities. By publishing our environmental, social, and governance beliefs and values, we hope to continue the dialogue around these important issues and offer greater transparency into our efforts moving forward.”

- Jennifer Witz, CEO


We have implemented a process and system to allow us to monitor our carbon footprint and evaluate options for making our operations more energy efficient. We also regularly evaluate our business practices, to ensure they comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

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Our Workforce

SiriusXM is committed to cultivating an open and inclusive work environment where cultural and social diversity is valued, respected, supported, and celebrated. We have taken actions to recruit, retain, develop and advance a diverse and talented workforce.

We are focused on increasing women and minority representation at all levels of our organization. We recruit talent in diverse communities, including by engaging as a sponsor of professional conferences focused on diverse talent.

Within our walls

Serving as a Platform for Diverse Perspectives

We offer audio platforms where listeners have access to diverse programming that represents a wide range of backgrounds, lifestyles, opinions, and viewpoints. We are committed to being a platform for a variety of perspectives, and this means that we support creator expression and honor listener preferences while facilitating dialogue on all issues, big and small.

As the leading audio entertainment company in North America, we believe that elevating original programming from diverse viewpoints, or that targets historically underserved audiences, is critical to promoting a broader understanding of the world around us. It helps forge new connections and touchpoints for our listeners, exposing them to new perspectives, voices, and genres that often struggle to break through via traditional outlets.

Collectively, our programming is designed to broaden the listening experience for individuals, regardless of their views. We will continue to offer content across the entire spectrum of viewpoints and entertainment offerings.

On our Air

Corporate Giving & Volunteering

SiriusXM encourages employees to support the causes most meaningful to them, through both a charitable match program and by providing employees with paid time off to volunteer at organizations. SiriusXM also provides direct support to charitable organizations through SiriusXM Cares.

Moreover, SiriusXM is committed to putting our values into action and promoting corporate social responsibility by creating programs and supporting groups and initiatives in the larger community that advance cultural diversity and equity, increase opportunities for underserved communities, and combat racial injustice and cultural intolerance.

In our Community


Our NESG Committee oversees SiriusXM’s ESG priorities. As part of this oversight, the NESG Committee evaluates risks, oversees relevant policies, and monitors relevant environmental, social, and governance matters. This work includes such priorities as:

  • Focusing on the diversity and range of capabilities – including technical skills, industry knowledge, and financial expertise – of our Board of Directors.
  • Establishing policies and procedures that ensure we are focusing on stockholder value – both within our own operations as well as in our dealings with third parties in our value chain (such as automakers, advertisers, and agencies).
  • Implementing policies to guard against human capital risks such as discrimination on the basis of personal characteristics.
  • Overseeing the diversity, equity, and inclusion training protocols and related initiatives at SiriusXM, all of which have been integrated into our DE&I messaging and our regular meetings between our CEO and our workforce.
  • Keeping current on shareholder ESG expectations, as well as broader corporate governance trends and policies over time.
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